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Ann Khattab Holistic Massage and Cranio-Sacral Reflexology

Holistic Massage

The Holistic Approach

The term Holistic is taken from the Greek word Helos meaning whole and each client is seen as an individual entity with their own healing capabilities and needs. Every client will be viewed as an individual with specific treatment requirements and each and every treatment will be tailored to the individual's needs whether it is a massage or a cranio sacral reflexology treatment, my approach is consistently holistic.

As a practitioner I do not claim to cure but merely assist in the healing process enabling the restoration of the body's own healing energy as well as encouraging deep relaxation.

Benefits of Massage
Massage is probably one of the oldest healing therapies known to mankind and has a great number of benefits to all the body systems. By massaging and relaxing the muscles there is a domino effect to all the other systems of the body:

  • The benefits on the muscles is to release tightness, tension and toxins
  • Improve posture and mobility of the skeletal system
  • Improve circulation in general and lowering of blood pressure
  • Encourage slow, deep breathing and boost immunity
  • Rebalance the nervous system and help with pain control (increase enforphins, the body's natural painkiller)
  • Improve elimination of urine
  • Rebalance the digestive system and reproductive hormones
  • Improve the elasticity of the skin, particularly scarred skin

    Emotional and Mental
  • Massage reduces mental stress and anxiety levels, improves sleep and mental alertness

    Swedish massage

    Ask for a Swedish massage when:

    – You are stressed as a Swedish massage is intended for relaxation and comfort
    - You’re looking for general relaxation
    - You are sensitive to deep pressure
    - You need increased circulation, relief of pain, improved mood, better sleep, and sharper thinking

    During a Swedish massage, I will use kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements, and passive joint movements and the techniques aim to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension, stimulate nerve endings, and increase blood flow and lymph drainage. Depending on your preferences, I will to use light, medium, or firm pressure.

    Deep tissue massage

    Ask for a deep tissue massage when:
    – You experience chronic pain in a particular muscle group.
    – You are consistently involved in heavy physical activity. Deep Tissue massage is designed to relieve tension and aches in muscles that might be overworked or strained.
    – You have sustained prior injuries that are still bothering you. Deep Tissue massage will help to promote the mending of those muscles and to work out any kinks or knots that have formed as a result of that injury.
    -You want to target specific tight muscles and relieve tension in the deeper muscle layers.

    Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but it goes farther. While many believe that Deep Tissue Massage simply means heavy pressure, this is a misconception. Often the pressure is deeper, but it doesn’t have to be.
    Deep Tissue Massage focuses on stretching fascia- and connective tissue that surrounds, supports and penetrates the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Deep tissue massage works layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to change posture and create freedom of movement. Adhesions and scar tissue form in muscles because of injury, chronic poor posture, chronic or acute inflammation and repetitive motions.

    Deep Tissue Massage also has health benefits. The release of habitually tight muscles relieves chronic pain and speeds the healing of injuries. Balanced posture improves organ function and athletic performance. Overall, it relieves the stress and energy drain of chronically tight muscles improving general health and well-being for long term wellness.

  • Individual treatments

    ~Treatments available to Female clients only ~

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